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Spiteful Squad - Strixhaven MtG Art

Spiteful Squad

Square Up - Strixhaven MtG Art

Square Up

Academic Dispute - Strixhaven MtG Art

Academic Dispute

Lorehold Apprentice - Strixhaven MtG Art

Lorehold Apprentice

Blight Mound - Commander 2021 MtG Art

Blight Mound

Dazzling Sphinx - Commander 2021 MtG Art

Dazzling Sphinx

Thunderous Orator - Strixhaven MtG Art

Thunderous Orator

Pest Infestation - Commander 2021 MtG Art

Pest Infestation

Illustrious Historian - Strixhaven MtG Art

Illustrious Historian

Triplicate Titan - Commander 2021 MtG Art

Triplicate Titan