Admiral Beckett Brass - Ixalan MtG Art

Admiral Beckett Brass MtG Art by Jason Rainville

  • Harry Lefferts

    This really isn’t Grixis. It is like a Norman Rockwell painting.

    • Philippe Saner

      Colour combinations don’t come with aesthetics attached.

      The character is Grixis, the art fits the character, what more do you want?

      • Harry Lefferts

        Have you actually looked at Grixis cards or are you just being a fanboi? This is like the Disney version except even Disney adds dirt smudges to pirates. Even setting aside any argument that UBR doesn’t have to match the Grixis shard, the color identity is not cheerful. To be clear, I’m not saying the art looks bad, it is just for the wrong card.

        • Philippe Saner

          “UBR doesn’t have to match the Grixis shard” isn’t an argument; it’s just a fact.

          Colour combinations don’t come with aesthetics attached. They just don’t. Sol’kanar the Swamp King, Tetsuo Umezawa, Slave of Bolas, Sewn-Eye Drake, and this all have totally different artstyles, but they’re all equally Grixis-coloured.

          And she damn well should be cheerful; she’s acquiring another ship full of slaves. If that’s not something to smile over, what is?

  • Adam Anthony Wizbicki

    lets be honest its 100 degrees on the high seas all the most of the men are shirtless but ALL of the woman have 50 layers of cloths and are dressed like some puritanical bygone era , you guys really have been hi jacked by the SJWs