Solidarity of Heroes - MtG Art

Solidarity of Heroes MtG Art by Eric Deschamps

  • Perrymtgnator

    Any ideas on how did Ajani achieved his hair style? By the size of his claws I doubt he could do it himself.

    • pixies rule

      Elspeth did it when they first met on alara. Want to know more reply back

      • Perrymtgnator

        Of course I would like to know more. Its actually interesting.

      • Glen Vaughn

        This sounds cute, so before they confronted Nicol Bolas, Ajani and Elspeth had a slumber party together and talked about boys and milk and braided each other’s hair?

  • pixies rule

    This is the best picture in the world i can’t wait for nyx set now.

    • Perrymtgnator

      I can’t wait for a bigger resolution image :) and for the set also, of course.

  • jmercedesd

    This image makes me very happy. :D

  • David A Clark

    I knew he would come to help her!