Arixmethes, Slumbering Isle - Commander 2018 MtG Art

Arixmethes, Slumbering Isle MtG Art by Dimitar Marinski

  • Cyberium

    How do people feel “safe” to build a city on top of THAT?

    • UselessMuse

      well I guess they don’t know that it is there? We can see it from our perspective, but that was done for our benefit. the scale at which this creature exists is simply so large, that they would’t know that they were looking at a claw or an antenna or mandibles. and the Island it is forming is quite natural looking… seems pretty safe.

      • Marcellin

        Yes, and with a sky as blue as this we normally could not see it clearly like that.

    • Jonathan Advocate-Ross

      Nobody would ever assume they’re living on some huge monster, but they better hope it doesn’t wake up…

  • Jonathan Advocate-Ross

    That thing is huge and I love the art and the idea of a creature being a land as well, but I’m disappointed. I just wished the card itself had trample and indestructible with a higher cmc. Being that big and getting trump blocked by a saproling and dealing no damage makes no sense. Also how can you be that big and get killed by a tiny little vampire with deathtouch. It would make sense for something larger than an eldrazi lord to be indestructible too, it’s also a freakin’ land. And a cmc for something that huge?