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capital offense MtG Art by Matt Dixon

  • UnhappyCustomer

    This card clearly states that the target creature gets a -1/-1 for each time a capital letter appears. Using correct, English linguistic, that would mean if capital A appears three times it would get -3/-3. But the way the card is written if there is a capital B, C and D the creature should only get a -1/-1 because each letter appears only once.

    If Wizards of the Coast wanted capital offense to mean what other players are telling me, it means. The text should have been written: target creature gets -x/-x until end of turn, where x is the number of times capital letters appear in the its rules text.

    After all the years, Wizards of the Coast has been making Magic the Gathering, they should have learned how to write cards using correct and proper English. Or get out of the business.

    • Val Tranquil

      sorry to have to tell you this but linguistic prescriptivism is stupid and everyone knew what the description on the card meant