Dragonlord Silumgar MtG Art by Steven Belledin

Dragonlord Silumgar MtG Art by Steven Belledin

  • I love this artwork. Silumgar is just chillin’ on his horde, being all Smaug-like.

  • Anon

    Haha, love that Tasigur necklace :D

    • Cthulhu

      i want one. HOOK ME UP SILUMGAR

    • Gareth Martin

      How do you know that is Tasigur?

      • Doug

        Story Khanfall in Uncharted Realms, where Tasigur is chained to Silumgar as his finest trophy.

  • Nilsdir

    He looks smug, wonder who he ate

    • Seregios MH


  • Peter Pan

    This is awesome, but i liked the flavor text on the first Silumgar and this doesnt represent it. “No machinations, no puppet strings, no plots. Just pure, sweeping death.”

    • Rathayibacter

      I think it’s supposed to represent the change that’s come over him in a thousand years. He was originally a much more aggressive and hard to deal with card, but now he’s lying on his throne powerful but lazy. That’s why he lost his attack trigger, hexproof and two toughness- he’s a much bigger target now and rarely fights his own battles, but has more raw power.

      • Seregios MH

        Unless I’m mistaken all the dragon lords are females.

        • Nick

          It says “his” in the flavour text right there.

        • Kolaghan, Atarka, and Dromoka are females. Ojutai and Silumgar are males.

  • Silumgar’s tasigur necklace

    Silumgar is 2 $wag 5 you. (Sorry for being like one of those dank kids) (I couldn’t pass the chance up)

  • Silumgar’s tasigur necklace

    The song “damn it feels good to be a gangsta” plays as chamber ambience.