Dusk - Amonkhet MtG Art

Dusk MtG Art by Noah Bradley

Art Title: [Dusk] Size: 3334 x 1243 pixels • Sketch Due: 5/2/2016 • Final Due: 5/20/2016

Art Description:

Dusk: It’s never actually night here, but use sand/clouds to create late afternoon light
Dawn: Glorious and bright.
Beams of sand and dust and cracked land vs. beams of beautiful sunlight

Setting: AMONKHET (Barrel & Laughs Worldguide)
Color: White spell
Location: Desert ruins (see p. 65)
Action: This piece, together with the linked piece [Dawn] (Art ID #401039), show the suns of this world with two different moods. For [Dusk], we want a mood that’s ominous, grim, and harsh. Show the first sun low in the sky, partly clouded by a destructive sandstorm. Rays project outward from the sun through the sand-clouds, and winds blast outward in the same pattern, looking like the sun itself is scouring the world.
Focus: The sun in its sandstorm “dusk”
Mood: Apocalyptic. Destructive.