Godsend MtG Art

Godsend MtG Art by Daniel Ljunggren

  • Daniel Hargadine

    This art tells me there is going to be an elspeth based artifact like the ones for the gods.

    • Ryan Payne

      Legendary artifact enchantment for Elspeth seems right to me. She’ll take Helios’s spot as the white god on Theros I think…

      • EsperLeague

        Maybe you’re right… hmm

      • ProRock

        Do we know what happend to Heliod? Why replace him?

        • Meleksomuchmelek

          Heliod lost a lot of followers, dignity, and other random stuff when he “killed” Elspeth

    • RoboticCoffeeBean

      this looks like it will be an equipment artifact

    • Meleksomuchmelek


  • Chi Sarades

    yay let it be colorless so that all can taste its power

  • Sequoyah Sebastian Hoffman

    This is the art for the newly spoiled Godsend.

  • Meleksomuchmelek

    why is that bad? Heliod gave it to her, and he was white, so is elspeth