Iroas, God of Victory Art

Iroas, God of Victory MtG Art by Slawomir Maniak

Iroas takes the form of a muscular, centaur-like being. He governs both personal valor and bravery in battle, and thus he also governs warfare.

The god of victory is associated with red and white mana.

Iroas, God of Cowbell Iroas, God of Cowbell Fan Art

  • Sequoyah Sebastian Hoffman


  • pixies rule

    For those of you who think iroas is fat he isn’t it’s just the fact he is half horse so he cant help having a big middle. Lets face facts centaurs do have two hearts, two chests, and in total of 6 limbs, you too would need to be big to carry that lot.

    • UnsuspectingBeaver

      Makes sense, but I’m sure we have slim centaurs in Magic.

    • Gareth Martin

      And the fact he isn’t a centaur… I mean his brother is half bull and so is he.

  • Pettrovian

    omg iroas is a fatty!

  • jmercedesd

    He’s not half horse. Going by his tail and build, I’d say he’s half bull. Basically, the opposite of his brother, who has the head of a bull, but a humanoid body.

  • Renan Greca

    All hail the God of the Legion!

  • David A Clark

    Notice he is half bull. I like that

  • Chi Sarades

    so he’s half bull hmmmm

  • Buboybolitas

    mama god has got some explaining thing to do :)