Isareth the Awakener - Core Set 2019 Art

Isareth the Awakener MtG Art by Jason Rainville

  • Dr. Burn Crow

    She’s a heavy-set woman. I’m looking forward to more overweight Magic characters.

    • dustin pumarlo

      How about no, Body positiveness within a nerdy community is bad not being heathly should not be an ideal people are ok with

      • Jacob Martinson

        ah yes fictional characters are supposed to be ideals

        • The Universe

          >ignoring that entertainment media generally depicts ideal people to appeal to its consumer base
          yeah, changing a target audience typically kills franchises m8

      • Marcellin

        I am not in fatty women, but she is not ugly, and there is already some characters that are weighty look at Ghalta, Emrakul, Sheoldred (never seen an ass as huge as hers)