Triskaidekaphobia - Shadows over Innistrad Art

Triskaidekaphobia MtG Art by Willian Murai

  • dduuurrrr dddduuuurrrr

    The amount of detail put into this to make everything sync up with being 13 is unreal. 13 drips, 13 boards in the ceiling, 13 board sin the wall, 13 tools, 13 logs, 13 rivets in the barrel, 13 pieces of plate…

    • Squirrel Lover

      13 stones in the Fireplace Arch
      13 Stones in the Fireplace wall

      13 total prongs “tines” on the forks

      • Circeus

        I count only 11 prongs: 2+4+2+3…

  • Phillip Garth

    What is this phobia of?

    • Asphodeus

      the number 13

  • Spartan117c24


    “13 Pieces of Cutlery hanging,
    13 Nails the Barrel banding,
    13 Drops of Blood dripping,
    13 Pieces of Glass glinting,
    13 Stones in the Fires arch
    13 Logs in the Fires forge,
    13 Timbers hold up the Walls
    and 13 Timbers cover them all…”
    - Inspectors musings on the scene