No More Lies - Murders at Karlov Manor MtG Art

No More Lies

Breach the Multiverse - March of the Machine MtG Art

Breach the Multiverse

Transcendent Message - March of the Machine MtG Art

Transcendent Message

Coalborn Entity - Jumpstart 2022 MtG Art

Coalborn Entity

One with the Multiverse

Lay Down Arms

Soul of Windgrace - Dominaria United MtG Art

Soul of Windgrace

Explosive Singularity - Kamigawa Neon Dynasty MtG Art

Explosive Singularity

Storm of Souls

Bloodline Culling - Innistrad Midnight Hunt MtG Art

Bloodline Culling

Magma Opus

Leyline Invocation - Strixhaven MtG Art

Leyline Invocation

Oversimplify - Commander 2021 MtG Art